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Scleral Contact Lenses from our Odessa Optometrists

You've always thought of contact lenses as such a convenient and discreet method of vision correction -- which makes you doubly upset that the thought that you might not be able to wear them. While it's true that not everyone can wear standard corneal lenses, people suffering from conditions such as dry eye or keratoconus may find scleral contact lenses to be just what the (eye) doctor ordered. Here at Vision Source Odessa, our experienced Odessa optometrists are happy to make these specialized lenses available for "hard to fit" eyes just like yours.

a finger holding out a scleral contact

What Are Scleral Contacts?

If you're familiar with standard contact lenses, you know that they sit on top of the cornea to correct refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. But since these ordinary contacts must rest on the corneal contours underneath, they run into trouble when presented with severe corneal abnormalities.

Scleral contacts literally sidestep such obstacles because they vault completely over the cornea, with their outer rims resting on the white of the eye, or sclera. These lenses were actually the very first kind of contact lenses ever made, dating back to the 1880s. But while those early models were hard to wear and deprived the corneas of oxygen, modern scleral contacts are quite comfortable for most users -- and they're made of gas-permeable materials to make them perfectly safe for the eyes.

Full-sized scleral contacts are noticeably large, typically between 18 millimeters and 24 millimeters in size. But smaller versions are available as well. If your vision problem is not too severe, you may be able to use corneo-scleral lenses (13 to 15 millimeters in size) or even mini-sclera’s (as small as 9 millimeters in size) that don't cover the entire cornea.

Good Candidates for Scleral Contact Lenses

Scleral contacts offer some distinct advantages in correcting certain types of hard-to-fit vision problems. Good candidates for scleral contacts include:

  • Keratoconus sufferers - Keratoconus deforms the corneas, causing them to take on a cone-shaped configuration. Regular contacts can't perch on these irregular contours effectively enough to correct the resulting refractive errors.
  • Dry eye sufferers - If you struggle with dry eye, ordinary contacts can dry your eyes out even more. Scleral lenses provide a natural reservoir to hold your tears and keep them from evaporating too quickly, making them a much more comfortable alternative.
  • Astigmatism - Corneo-scleral contacts can do a better job of correcting significant astigmatism than regular contacts.

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Are you ready to vault right over your hard-to-fit eye condition? Take a giant leap forward by calling our Odessa optometrist at 432-362-3133 to ask about our scleral contacts. Schedule your appointment today!

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