Eye and Vision Care Services at Vision Source Odessa

The Vision Source Odessa team proudly offers a wide range of eye and vision care services to patients in the greater Odessa area. Each one of our patients can enjoy sound peace of mind knowing that they are receiving the highest quality in vision care at our conveniently located office.

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Comprehensive Eye Exams in Odessa

Both Dr. Hembree and Dr. Jackson are ready to take a closer look at your overall ocular health and are eager to spot any potential issues early on with bi-annual and annual eye examinations. During your comprehensive eye exam, you can expect our team to review your patient history with you in a friendly and comforting setting. You will also participate in a series of advanced vision and eye assessments and an eye health evaluation. From there, our optometrists will discuss an additional testing and diagnose conditions and treatment options.

Contact Lenses

As your optometrist in Odessa, TX, we understand that it is important to find vision solutions that fit your active lifestyle. If eye glasses are not for you or you are simply in need of multiple vision correction options, comfortable and affordable contact lenses may be just what you’re looking for! With so many advances in eye and vision care technology, there are a variety of different contact lens options that you can choose from. Some of the most common contact lenses that we carry include:

  • Daily Wear Contacts
  • Daily Disposable Contacts
  • Extended Wear Contacts
  • Extended Wear Disposable Contacts
  • Rigid Gas-Permeable or RGP
  • Color Contact Lenses
  • And more!

LASIK Consultations

Have you ever thought about ditching your eye glasses and contacts once and for all? With the help of LASIK, you may be able to correct your less than perfect vision. At Vision Source Odessa, our team will provide you with a comprehensive consultation to determine your eligibility for LASIK and from there, we will recommend a reputable and experienced LASIK surgeon in the greater Odessa area. Additionally, we are happy to provide pre and post-operative care to our patients.

Contact Your Optometrist in Odessa, TX Today

The team at Vision Source Odessa is the number one choice for your optometrist in Odessa, TX. As a full service eye and vision care provider, our team is available to handle everything from your annual eye health appointment to eye care emergencies and everything in between. We understand that your eye health is important and we will always work hard to provide vision solutions that fit in perfectly with your lifestyle and your budget.

At Vision Source Odessa, we believe that everyone has the right to clear and healthy vision. Ready to schedule an appointment for a routine eye exam, contact lenses or a LASIK consultation? Don’t delay! We’re happy to set up an appointment time that works with your busy schedule. Give our offices a call at 432-362-3133 or visit us online today to schedule your initial consultation.

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