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Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated at Vision Source Odessa

Woman enjoying her new glasses treating her poor vision

When you're having trouble with your eyes, you're in good hands when you rely on Vision Source Odessa. Our optometrists, Dr. Hembree and Dr. Jackman, can diagnose and treat a wide range of common eye conditions, including:


Glaucoma damages the fibers of the optic nerve, potentially causing profound vision loss. High fluid pressure inside the eye, the by-product of abnormal fluid drainage, is usually connected to this disease. Eye pressure tests and optic nerve evaluations can tell us whether you may be suffering from glaucoma, at which point we can prescribe drugs to help normalize your eye pressure.


Cataracts afflict most people sooner or later, although most cases occur after middle age. As the proteins within the lens grow cloudy and opaque, you may experience blurred vision, impaired color perception or night vision, and radiant "halos" around light sources. We may be able to clarify your vision through corrective lenses for years before we have to refer you for quick, painless cataract removal surgery.

Macular Degeneration in Odessa

Macular degeneration affects the zone of the retina responsible for detailed central vision. Early or "dry" macular degeneration may cause minimal vision changes, while advanced or "wet" macular degeneration (which is characterized by leaking blood vessels) can destroy your central vision. We can detect macular degeneration early, recommend lifestyle changes to slow its progress, and prescribe drugs to limit blood vessel growth in the eye.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy is another common cause of permanent retinal damage. Its effects can be similar to those of macular degeneration, including destruction of the macula and proliferation of leaky blood vessels. We can alert you to this condition and urge you to control your diabetes while also prescribing other lifestyle changes and medications to curb further damage.

Dry Eye

Dry eye causes redness, itching, eye strain, blurry vision and other unpleasant symptoms. It stems from such varied causes as excessive computer use, windy conditions, medications, poorly-chosen contact lenses or even simple aging. We can discover the source of the dryness and prescribe soothing remedies and lifestyle recommendations to stop it.


Conjunctivitis, better known as pinkeye, is an inflammation of the membrane that covers the white of the eye, turning it red or pink. Other symptoms include discharge, eyelid swelling, light sensitivity and a "foreign body" sensation in the eye. We can treat this condition whether it's caused by a virus, bacteria or allergy.

Functional Abnormalities

Amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus, accommodation errors and other functional problems can impair coordination between the brain's vision center and the eyes. We can diagnose these problems in a comprehensive eye exam and prescribe vision therapy or other corrective techniques.

Let Our Odessa Optometrists Help Your Eyes

Since some dangerous eye conditions can wreak havoc on your eyes before you're aware of their presence, you'll want to schedule comprehensive eye exams regularly so we can catch them early. Call 432-362-3133 today for an appointment!

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